From a marketing point of view, the social platform has immense potential. However, the app is also known to attract a particularly young audience.

Considering these factors, how can TikTok affect the digital attractiveness for banks?

TikTok has the potential to become a powerful marketing tool. For example, videos posted on the app can garner thousands to millions of views. For the fintech industry, TikTok could be ideal for increasing digital appeal.

This article will explore what is the digital attraction for banks and how TikTok can be useful. By discussing the benefits of the platform, we will try to answer this question:

A closer look at the digital attraction for banks.

When discussing digital attractiveness, it is important to examine the role of the customer.


Businesses need to understand their audience in order to build digital interest in products or services. Therefore, knowing more about your audience is the key to learning how to attract them.

Banks should approach the digital attraction the way one might approach for a new relationship. First a solid foundation of trust must be established.

Digital attraction consists of 3 main components.

Empathy: Showing the customer a complete understanding of their problems
Compassionate: Exhibiting a high level of care for the well being of the client
Ease: Satisfying customer concerns by providing well-planned solutions

Meeting core needs is essential to guiding the customer through the buyer’s journey. It places the business or professional in the role of a reliable guide or advisor. In this role, the guide can formulate an accurate plan of action for the customer.

It is important to understand that digital attraction can take time. Just like in relationships, trust and loyalty build over time. It is important to give breathing space to relationships with customers.

Banks need to examine their target audience in order to focus on the needs of the customer. Looking at demographics helps identify missed opportunities with specific groups of people.

Additionally, to know more about the requirements of their customers, banks should develop buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a highly detailed profile of your target customer. It will describe their specific wants, needs and problems.

Creating multiple buyer personas will help segment your audience. With these, targeted advertising and marketing campaigns can better attract everyone.

Finding Banking Customers Digitally
Once you have determined your target audience, it is all about reaching them.

There are three main types of digital marketing used for attraction:

Content Marketing: This is where you will find a lot of blog writing and social media sharing. Content marketing uses keywords and tags to help you find the desired customers.

Email Campaign: After choosing a customer’s interest, it is important to have the brand in their mind. Email campaigns help nurture relationships with customers until they are ready to commit.

Paid Ads: Paid ads, such as PPC and social media ads, can be highly useful. They can get impressions from highly targeted audiences and demographics.

Typically, a strong digital attractiveness strategy will involve a combination of marketing methods.

Determining the specific needs of customers is essential. This process helps in adding new customers and maintaining existing relationships.

Trends in Digital Attraction for Fintech
The growing digital attraction to FinTech and Banking requires attention to the ongoing trends.

Mobile-friendliness and intuitive design are two important components of fintech. Both of these come in handy for digital attraction.

Having a fintech platform optimized for mobile use provides tremendous value to customers. Similarly, an intuitive and responsive design also helps in attracting customers.

In addition to mobile friendliness and design, many other digital factors influence digital attractiveness. This includes:

Branding: The way a fintech company or bank brand itself is important. Branding helps to make the business more trustworthy to the customer.
Social Media Presence: Social media is a valuable and powerful tool. It helps in connecting professionals directly with their clients. Also, there are millions of users on many social platforms. This makes social media a great place to find customers.
Video Content: While written content is good, visual content can be more effective. Video content keeps up with changing technologies. This makes it a complementary element to the digital allure.

Engagement: For financial professionals new to the digital space, engagement is key.

It helps you connect with customers. Increasing engagement will help in attracting more new customers to the company.

Using social media as a tool for digital attraction

Since the days of MySpace, social media has only continued to grow. Over the past decade, social media has dominated the digital space. This rise in popularity makes social

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